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23 High Street, Ealing, London, W5 5DB
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I love tex-mex and so was quite keen to introduce my daughter to it. The Chimichanga Ealing is situated in the heart of Ealing Broadway, right next to Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. So one evening when my husband was working late, my daughter and I went on a date there. Disclaimer: I had to blow my cover mid-meal as I forgot to photograph the kid meal starter and then I had to ask for another one. The staff were really lovely, but I am not sure if this influenced service quality.

Basic amenities for children are taken care of – baby changing facilities, high chairs and space near the entrance to park buggies. The baby changing facility is shared with the disabled toilet and is located towards the back of the restaurant. Their website even advertises the baby changing facilities. This blog will not be needed when every restaurants features baby friendly features on their website.

My daughter was particularly restless at Chimichanga, because she had done her business and hadn’t informed me and my blocked nose didn’t sniff it out either. So she was basically standing on her high chair for most of the meal and it was quite a tough meal to partake. When our server, a young boy, saw I was struggling, he brought out the crayons and colouring papers with a smile, “May be this will help.” (At this point he didn’t know I would be writing a review.) The crayons were in a plastic cup too – one less thing to worry about.

Tex-mex isn’t particulary healthy and so to be honest I wasn’t expecting much by way of healthy food for my toddler. This was supposed to be an indulgence date. How wrong I was! The children’s menu offered a three course meal with drinks for £6.50 with a total of 60 possible meal combinations. We probably opted for the healthiest starter but then indulged in crispy chicken and chips for the mains.

The carrot, celery, courgette starter looked so yummy we wolfed down most of it before I remember I needed to take a photograph for the blog. This is when I had to let the cat out of the bag and request another starter plate. My daughter used to love steamed carrots when I started her on BLW at 6-months. But in the last 8-months she had stopped eating them and I was delighted when at Chimichanga she ate all her carrot sticks after such a long abstinence. The celery were also the sweetest I’d ever tasted. We ended up finishing the second plate of starters too. Burp!

The crispy chicken and fries also came with a healthy bowl of peas and corn. My daughter won’t touch peas, so we divided and conquered. I ate the peas and she ate the corn. The juices are not made fresh and come in a bottle, but these were better options than sugar heavy sodas and capri-sun (also on the menu). The orange juice we ordered came in a small, sturdy plastic glass with a right sized small straw that didn’t threaten to fall out after every sip.

The ice-cream dessert came in three flavours – strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Since both of us had a cold then, I was trying to avoid dessert and was really grateful when the supervisor spelt out icecream (instead of saying it aloud) when asking if she should bring some. Small things make a difference.

It is hard for us to comment on the service, since our cover was blown. But we are going to give Chimichanga a KidStar rating because I’d rather believe that they are this wonderful with every customer. If you’ve been to the Chimichanga with a child please share your experience here.

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