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39 New Broadway, London W5 5AH
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We made last minute plans on Black Friday to dine at Maggie’s. Am so glad we did. I haven’t been there in a while and had forgotten what an amazing place it is for children. I didn’t have my camera so apologies for the iphone photos.

The restaurant provides the basic amenities needed for their younger patrons – a stack of high chairs, space to park buggies (near tables during slow periods and by the bar when it’s busy), and a baby changing station in the handicap toilet (which was quite clean).

They do not have a separate children’s menu, but the main menu features some children’s meals. These meals come with a side of beans and fries, a choice of juices and icecream. The juice is served in a plastic glass – good. The orange juice is freshly squeezed also good. Some of the other juices on the menu I was told were made from concentrates. I didn’t verify it but the apple juice tasted like it had added sugar. The icecream is available in three flavours – vanilla, stawberry and I think chocolate. It would be nice to get a few healthier alternatives to chips, in addition to the beans. I will be sharing this review with the manager – hopefully they will consider it.

There are a few fun things to do in the restaurant for the kids. Depending on the age of the child, these may need some adult supervision. In the evenings they switch on a disco ball (in the far end of the bar, atop the refrigerator). My two-year old went crazy over it. She kept leading us to the ball so that she could play with the moving lights. They also have a pinball machine, the profits from which go to a charity. At one end of the bar they also have a record player, you can take personal vinyl records and they will play them for you (“if we like them” I was told by a twinkly-eyed waitress). My favourite place though is the library nook. A small area where they’ve placed sofas instead of chairs, in front of a wall lined with books of all sorts. After our dinner, my husband, daughter and I spent some happy time there.

The best part of Maggie’s though is their staff. They were awesome during this visit (they didn’t know about this review) and they have been awesome on every past visit. They were friendly and happy to humor my toddler’s wanderings and explorations, making sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble, but this is what made them stand out. The first time I went to Maggie’s my daugther was only 5 months old. We had just sat ordered our food when she decided to throw up not only all over me and herself but across the floor onto the adjacent table. How fantastic if you were seated close to us!

While I scrambled to clean us and get her into fresh clothes, I was also trying to clean the multiple restaurant surfaces that she had splattered. (Thank god she was on an all milk diet then.) At that point two of the amazing women who work there brought out a huge mop. While one calmly started cleaning up (with no animosity towards us) the other said – “I have a child, I know what it’s like. Please don’t worry.” They then both spent the next fifteen minutes helping us clean up all time assuring us that it was no trouble at all. Fantastic service! Qualifies for a KidStar rating in my eyes.

Had a good/bad “child” experience at Maggie’s? Tell us about it here.

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