Top 5 Tips For Stronger Relationship With Your Kid

Since the Internet is populated with articles that are “top 5 trends” and “5 things you didn’t know about”, I decided to herd-walk the trend. This is a ‘top 5 tips’ on strengthening your relationship with your child. You need to read this if you are a father.

Top 5 Tips to Improve your Relationship with your Child

Holding Hands Reassures the Strength Of Relationship

Given a choice of relationship, I think most would want to be a child rather than a parent. It is an easy life. You get your food on time. You can ask for things and they appear in front of you. You get things done by your minions (read parents). You can throw a tantrum or poo in your pants (only in the nappy years) and it all gets sorted. It is almost like you are the CEO of the household. Read management rules from a two year old. Well, there is nothing wrong in that.

Parenting on the other hand, I feel is a very daunting and difficult task. Becoming one biologically, is just the start. The real deal starts thereafter and is something that will usually outlive your professional career. It is under-rated and very high-pressured. You cannot take leave or a holiday. It doesn’t get tougher than this. So, signing up to be a parent sure is one tough assignment (and the most rewarding).

In this sensitive parent-child relationship, we may tend to overlook a few things that are critical for a child-parent relationship. Here are my top 5 things to do:

Relationship Tip #1: Take A Walk

Whatever you do, spend some one-on-one time with your child or children. There is no substitute to that. And while at it, make sure you do not talk school, homework or how bad your boss is. Hold hands and go out for a walk. Soak in the air. If lucky, enjoy the chirping of birds and maybe watch the sunset. Chase a butterfly or follow a woodpecker. You will be surprised how much your offspring would love it. They would look forward to more such sharing times with you! This one-on-one time helps immensely in building a stronger relationship between the two. And there is nothing better than being friends, right?

Screen Your Screen Time

Screen Your Screen Time

Relationship Tip #2: Put Down Your Phone

Reduce your relationship with screens. I am smiling as I write this because I had to try hard to do this myself. Dividing your attention or living your life on your mobile screen will set precedence in the family. If your child does the same, encourage them to spend more time in the real world and not virtual. Additional screen time leads to ailments like spondylitis; and wrist, thumb and spine deformities, in some cases.

Relationship Tip #3: Please Don’t Stop The Music

Top 5 Tips: A Stronger Relationship with your Kid

Music Makes The Bond Stronger

We conveniently forget the virtues of music and the effect it can have on our psyche. It shapes our thinking, fuels creativity and most times, gives an emotional ‘back-rest’ when we need it. While I could extol the virtues, why don’t you see it for yourself. Remind yourself of an old tune and it will immediately put a smile on your face! So, if you are the Western Classical sorts and swear by Mozart, or if you are rooted into Indian Classical and cannot think beyond Raag Yaman or if you love the old melodies of S D Burman or Madan Mohan, put that music on! Begin your weekly off days with music. Make it a habit. Encourage your child to dedicate sometime to listen to music (unless your child is already in music classes). Teach an instrument. Why not even take piano classes with your child? Advise playlist control, for best results. You can thank me for that later. Find local music classes.

Relationship Tip #4: It’s Good To Be Bored

We always thought boredom is bad. A bane. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop – there are many ways to put it. Off late, boredom has been considered to be mind-trigger. When anyone is bored, we tend to blank out our mind or think of something better. I am discounting the fact that many switch on the TV then, and watch mindless, inane stuff. Allow your child to get bored. It is ok to get bored.  If recent research is anything to go by, boredom leads to creativity. Let them think. Let them be.

Relationship Tip #5: Un-Google the Kids

Encourage children to look for their own answers. Instil the virtues of research; not lazy research via the Internet, but goad them to find out their own answers. Imagine the sense of amazement when you take them out stargazing with the local stargazing group. Find a good telescope for kids. There existed and will exist a life outside of Google. You just need to hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab – in your head!

A student of parenthood – Dev.

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