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That’s looks comfy! Where did you get it?

As a new parent, it’s incredibly hard to resist frilly, adorable baby clothes.  The tutus, animal onesies and fancy dresses are all tempting.  However, filling your the baby wardrobe with quality essentials instead of cute clothes will save you time, stress, and money. More importantly it will keep your little bundle of joy more comfortable and safe.

Here are our top tips for your baby’s wardrobe:

Baby Wardrobe Tip 1: Selective Focus

Babies grow fast. They will receive many gifts and hand me downs from friends and family. Don’t buy too many clothes, instead focus on buying the essentials especially in the early days. A few weeks after the baby has arrived you can review the wardrobe and assess what more you need to buy. This is our list of essentials, you may need to adjust quantities depending on whether your baby is a winter or a summer baby and on how frequently you want to do the laundry:



  1. Short sleeved vests (x6)
  2. Long sleeved bodysuits (x6)
  3. Socks without ribbons (x3)
  4. Muslins clothes (around 10)
  5. Cardigan (x2)
  6. Jacket (x1)
  7. Hats  (x2)
  8. Receiving Shawls/Swaddle Blankets (x4)
  9. Sleeping Bags (to eliminate loose blankets in the cot and for on-the-go) (x2)
  10. Towels (x3)
  11. Winter snowsuit (for winter babies only) (x1)

Baby Wardrobe Tip 2: Function First


Smart Sleeping Bag made with bamboo and organic cotton

Opt for uncomplicated, durable designs. Clothes that are easy to get the baby in and out of will also make your life less stressful. Clothes should be made from long lasting quality materials, and should be easy to put on and remove. Clothes that can be resized as the kid grows or are layered so that they can be used for summer and winter will be better value for your money.

For example the Baby Mori sleeping bag comes in a summer and winter tog. The adjustable arms and lengths, lets the sleeping bag grow with your little one from birth till 2 years. The seatbelt opening and a double direction zipper also comes useful if you are traveling with the baby.

Yoga Pants made from cotton and bamboo

Yoga Pants made from organic cotton and bamboo

Baby Wardrobe Tip 3: Easily Versatile

Make sure that the items you choose can be mixed and matched, so you can build great outfits on a set of key pieces. Pick neutral colours as these can be used in many ways creating a more diverse wardrobe with fewer actual clothes.

Baby Wardrobe Tip 4: Think Comfort

Comfy baby equals happy baby… choose clothes that are made from organic and natural materials. Baby skins are sensitive; natural fibres minimise skin irritations. Avoid clothes which are tight for the baby around the chord area and which restrict the baby’s movement. Also avoid frills and materials that can make the baby itchy. These materials also tend to be more flammable. Onesies and swaddles are the best for your baby’s first three months.

This post was written in collaboration with Baby Mori. This online retailer uses soft organic cotton and bamboo fabrics for their clothes and provides neutral tones and uncomplicated designs.

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