BBCFood and Your Children

The BBC have announced that they will be having a major shake-up of online services, which will include the archiving of some 11,000 recipes currently hosted at BBCFood. They will also integrate Newsbeat into main BBC World News and redeploying iWonders resources.

BBCFood closure and how it effects you

This has caused something of an outrage among the loyal users of the BBC. Fear not – its not as bad as it first seems. BBCFood is a different product to BBC Good Food, which is a global commercial operation and will remain live. Additionally, BBCFood archiving recipes is not the same as deleting them from site, they’re just no longer indexing them, meaning they won’t be as easily searchable (again, BBC Good Food still will be). Lastly, the 11,000 recipes being archived are not as big a number as they sound, the BBC’s own report (here) claims the site possesses 14 recipes for the humble spaghetti Bolognese, 55 for vegetable soup and 9 for Eton mess. Our own investigation revealed just how much wasted bandwidth there was by doing a search for beans on toast!
BBCFood Beansontoast
Questions are obviously being raised about the reduction in support for the BBC and the sweeping cuts they are having to make, but we must also assess efficiency in certain areas. State funded media the world over is constantly accused of becoming bloated and complacent. After 14 different types of Spaghetti Bolognese, bloated is the perfect adjective. Licence payers do so on the basis that they give ongoing consent for efficient and well planned service and have a right to demand both content and value for money. It will be interesting to see the fallout from such a round of cuts and restructuring.

The benefit of BBCFood and cooking for your children

The reason we ask these questions is because we ultimately believe the BBC has a vital role to play in engaging and educating our children. Apart from the top class children’s news and entertainment programming, BBCFood is a resource that proves pivotal to many children’s pathway to a lifelong love of good food, while also ensuring that they are educated properly on the range of healthy options available to them. Many children will immediately recognise the BBC pancake recipe page, as one of their first point of cookery.

BBCFood pancakes

Countless studies have shown that engaging children with cookery at an early age actively boosts their creativity and helps them to score higher on the independence scale when they become young adults. While BBCFood may not be perfect in its execution, we can’t deny it’s a great resource and our kids are better off for it.

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