Best of Twitter – #MumProblems

So we all know how hard mums work, but twitter gives us an insight into some of the more bizarre situations that can arise daily when you’re a mum. From the rigorous, to the hilarious and all the way to the gross, we think Mums on twitter are great and we know the feeling (on most – Not number 2!). Check out Our MumProblems below!

1 – When you feel like that mountain of work is never going away

2 – When you realise there is more bodily fluids to deal with than you’d imagined

3 – When you have to show solidatiry

4 – When you discover the “AM” settings on your clock you’d previously not considered existing #Mumproblems

5 – When panic sets in……

6 – …..but you save the day! 

7 – When you’re faced with a dilemma

8 – Or when you reach an impasse

Got Mumproblems of your own? Let us know by tweeting us @EncycloKidia using the hashtag #Mumproblems and letting us know the good, the bad and the gross!


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