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Here at EncycloKidia we think there is nothing better than winning things that help you and your family, which is why we’ve created a new competition for our members to win a £50 Mothercare voucher. Open to all members (including new members and old) simple sign up here and we’ll pick a winner! Keep watching for more great prizes in future.

Mothercare voucher

Voucer for mothercare £50

Prizes from around the web

Additionally to our own competitions, we also see plenty of competitions online that have great prizes, one of the best places for finding these is ThePrizeFinder, which gives you lists of the best prizes for all of the UK.

One of our favourite places to find competitions is, who offer a curated list of free to enter prize pages and sweepstakes.

Additionally Free to enter competitions and giveaways in the UK. Win great prizes and freebies.

We also have recently discovered Competitions Today who have a great list of free to enter resources.

We believe the best sweepstakes are those that are free and open to enter. Plenty of prizes are only available to paying customers, which we don’t like as they’re usually just a round about way to make you buy things. We will always focus on bringing you the best offers that are free to enter and don’t require you to purchase anything.

Our favourite things to win are things that help the whole family. Normally we keep an eye out for vouchers for family shopping or stuff for the kids. While loads of competitions offer high tech products like computers and ipads, we feel these aren’t always to our needs and prefer prizes we know we’ll use.

We’ll update regularly with great prizes and comps along the way. If you want us to feature your own competition, comment below, or tweet us @EncyloKidia

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Shweta runs the data team at EncycloKidia so her brain is a massive repository of all kid's services out there. After some persuasion, we were able to get her to look up from her spreadsheets and share some of her priceless knowledge with us.
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