Top 7 Museums to Visit with Children

With half term break round the corner, why not take the children to soak some of London’s Museum Culture. London has  a plethora of museums with interesting exhibitions for children. Here’s our round up of the top 7 kid friendly museums to visit!

7. Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum is a  museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. The museum hosts a variety of special exhibitions, concerts, festivals, shows, workshops and activities. The children would love the gigantic overstuffed walrus and the new aquarium. There’s a permanent gallery dedicated to African, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian art, and a collection of around 1,600 musical instruments, with an area where people can play some of them. The museum provides facilities for families, including a nature trail and weekend workshops.

Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum

6. London Transport Museum

The Museum explores the link between transport and the growth of modern London, its culture and society since 1800. Highlights include the iconic red London bus, the world’s first Underground steam train and a train carriage dating back to the 1890s. The galleries are full of interactive exhibits for children. A family play zone for children, features a fleet of mini vehicles to climb into and play on. Kids can repair a little tube train, sail the ‘Thames Nipper’, and play in the lost property office.

  • Timings: 10 am- 6 pm
  • Days: Daily except Friday
  • Admission Fee: Adult Ticket £17.00; Concessions £14.50; Children Free
London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

5. Natural History Museum

The NHM opened in 1881. Highlights include a cast of the Diplodocus skeleton, the popular T rex and the  Creepy Crawlies’ exhibition. ‘Earth’s Treasury’ showcases variety of precious metals, gems and crystals. Outside, the Wildlife Garden showcases a range of British lowland habitats. The latest edition to the Museum is a human evolution gallery exploring where we come from.

National History Museum

National History Museum


4. V&A museum of childhood

Home to one of the world’s finest collections of children’s toys, doll’s houses, games and costumes, the Museum of Childhood is a delight for children . The museum has childhood-related objects since 1872 and continues to do so with ‘Incredibles’ figures,  1970s puppets, Barbie Dolls and Victorian praxinoscopes. The museum has lots of hand-on stuff for kids to do.

Museum of Childhood

Museum of Childhood

3. National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is at the heart of the Royal Museums Greenwich. It has artefacts, models, maps, art and memorabilia. Families should check out the Ahoy! gallery. This is a play area  designed for babies and children aged up to seven. Its themed zones include a vast model of the deck and cabins of a ship, a beach scene, a fresh fish shop, and games which allow you to fire cannon and play iceberg ‘ice hockey’.The All Hands interactive gallery is for ages six to 12. Here older children can test their skills defending against a pirate attack, use maritime technology and load a cargo ship before it sets sail.

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

2. The Geffrye Museum 

The Geffrye explores the home from 1600 to the present day. The museum’s focus is on the living rooms of the urban middle classes in England, particularly London. A chronological sequence of period rooms show how homes have been used and furnished over the past 400 years, reflecting the changes in society and patterns of behaviour as well as style, fashion and taste. East London. It is surrounded by attractive gardens, which include an award-winning walled herb garden and a series of period gardens.

Geffrye Museum

Geffrye Museum

1. Science Museum

The Science Museum features educational and entertaining exhibits, including the Apollo 10 command module and a flight simulator. The Wellcome Wing showcases developments in contemporary science, medicine and technology. The Medical History Gallery in the museum’s attic contains a substantial collection of medical history treasures.  Exhibits in the Exploring Space galleries include the three-metre-high, 600kg Spacelab 2 X-ray telescope that was flown on British space missions and full-scale models of the Huygens Titan probe. The Clockmakers’ Collection, is the oldest display of clocks and watches in the world .The museum’s IMAX cinema shows scientific films in 3D.

Science Museum

Science Museum

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