5 Kids movies you shouldn’t miss this year!

British summers are, unfortunately, not always best spent outside! Thankfully, there’s an absolutely great few months of family fun movies ahead. Our favourite kid’s movies are one’s that also have enough grown up gags in them that makes it actually fun to watch with your little ones. Today, we review the top 5 movies we’re most looking forward to in 2016

1 – The Secret Life of Pets

We’re really keen on this one. The teasers have been out for a while and have perfectly whet our appetite. Initially shown as an anthropomorphic study of what pets get up to when their humans are out, further trailers show this to be an archetypal caper movie when cute white rabbit Snowball (voiced by Kevin Hart) kidnaps dogs Max (Louis C.K.) and Duke (Eric Stonestreet) as part of his mastermind plan for unwanted pets to exact revenge on those who are owned. Attempting deep allegory while also having cute animals playing slapstick should provide fun for adults and kids alike. Listen out for Dana Carvey – Garth From Wayne’s World – voicing an aged basset hound!

Release Date- 24 June 2016

The Secret Lives of Pets movies

The Secret Lives of Pets

2 – Finding Dory

An origin story from Dory, the show stealer from the Original finding Nemo. Set 6 months after the original movie, Dory has a flashback that triggers the will to find her family, encountering all manner of adventure along the way, accompanies by Nemo and Marlin. Expect another instant classic and a new wave of little ones demanding their pets (or new siblings!) be named after characters from this.

Release Date-  29 July 2016

Finding Dory Movies

Finding Dory

3 – The Jungle Book

The live action version of childrens classic promises a lot, and cards are being kept close to chest as to whether Mowgli and co will deliver, but we think this is such a classic that it just has to be seen. Providing some Kipling and Disney crossover, we’re really excited to see how its handled.

Release Date–  15 April 2016

The Jungle Book Movie

The Jungle Book

4 – Ice Age 5

Very unoriginal of us to go downt the route of a well trodden multi-quet, but we just love these movies. This time, an interstellar catapulting acorn threatens the environment of the gang and they make out for safer lands, encountering swashbuckling adventures. Expect to have to spent a lot of time explaining to the little ones how factually inaccurate things are, but expect not to care because it’s so much fun.

Release Date–  15 July 2016

Ice Age 5 movies

Ice Age 5

5 – The BFG

Another remake, another crippling fear that it’ll ruin our own memories of childhood movies. The BFG is a modernised retelling of Roald Dahl’s classic. We loved the original cartoon and we expect this to keep with tradition, showing Sophie and the BFG form a friendship and keep safe from the bad giants.

Release Date–  22 July 2016

The BFG Movies


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