6 day-trip ideas for this summer !

Summer Holidays are round the corner! And what better way to spend the glorious British Summer than to take your kids for lovely day-trips around London. From amusement parks to zoos, there’s something to see for everyone! Here’s our round up of the top 6 day-trip ideas for this summer

Day-trip 1: Willow Farm

Its all about animals and activities at Willows Farm Village! Families can watch animals in their enclosures, including pigs, sheep, cows and more exotic animals like wallabies and reindeer. But the animals are also here to entertain, in the form of sheep races, geese obstacle races, goat climbing displays and ferret fun runs. Activities for children include frisbee golf, various adventure playgrounds, a giant sandpit with workable ride-on diggers and a maize maze in summer. During the school summer holidays, there are special events every day.

Willow Farm day-trip

Willow Farm

Day-trip 2: Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park is a chance for children to see exotic animals in wilder and larger outdoor habitats than can be expected at London Zoo. Take a drive through the plains and see tigers, elephants, giraffe, bears and wolves stalking across their acres. Families can also take a foot safari to get up close to the lemurs, monkeys and penguins.

Woburn Safari Park day-trip

Woburn Safari Park

Day-trip 3:  Hampton Court Palace

The world-famous gardens are truly wonderful, with the maze taking centre stage in any child’s itinerary. Themed activities are plentiful during the school holidays, and on selected bank holidays and weekends Tudor cookery demonstrations take place in the huge kitchens, where children love the bubbling cauldrons and game-bird carcasses

Hampton Court Place day-trip

Hampton Court Place

Day-trip 4: Go Ape

Set in Britain’s woods and forests, Go Ape centres are fantastic places for monkeying around in the treetops. The high rope courses offer adrenaline-packed aerial adventures for the over-tens (height and weight restrictions apply). Families can swing, scramble, climb and slide to their hearts’ content amid the rope bridges, trapezes and zip slides.

Go ape day-trip

Go Ape

Day-trip 5: Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo

The zoo is still deservedly popular and has ten gorillas, two tigers, two lions and a family of leopards, as well as smaller animals. At Chessington World of Adventures, many rides are geared towards families with young children.

Chessigton Day-trip

Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo

Day-trip 6: Legoland, Windsor

There are some brilliant attractions at this adventure theme park. New for 2013 is Duplo Valley Splash and Play featuring the Drench Towers water play structure. Recent additions include the Lego themed hotel, a 150-room hotel with themed accommodation, and ‘Atlantis Submarine Voyage’, a ride where visitors travel through a one million-litre tank in a slow-moving underwater vehicle to see live sharks and stingrays swimming amongst Lego mermaids.

lego land day-trip

Legoland Windsor

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