Top 5 Kid Friendly Restaurants in London!

This summer shouldn’t be about doing things for your kids, we believe it’s important to do things with your kids! While many museums and galleries are excellent at providing services that can be enjoyed by both parents and children, sometimes restaurants are not so accommodating to the needs of parents and kids.

In this post, we are aiming to identify restaurants that serve good and exciting food for you, but also are happy to cater suitably for your children. We’re keen on kids learning about food and embracing different tastes so we’re specifically reviewing and recommending places that maintain some of their flair on their kids menu!

5- Giraffe

Cuisine– International

Location– Southbank; Spitalfields ..everywhere!

Giraffe is another expanding chain of exciting world foods. Giving a large amount of options, the aim is to cater to multiple tastes from around the globe and provide high quality affordable food that everyone can enjoy. With a focus on combining great music with great food, these can be a little loud, but that is perfect if you’re bringing a few kids out as the bustling atmosphere is high energy and fun.

The kids menu is super healthy and fun, with a very good range of fish and meat, as well as pastas, noodles and salads. You could come here every day of half term and be sure your kids are eating a different countries cuisine each day! For adults, started and main courses range widely. Salt and Pepper squid and duck stir fry are regular favourites, but Chicken burgers are extremely generous and well prepared and the jerk ribs are ideal for giving your little ones a taste to introduce them to spicy food.

For more info-—21-Brunswick-Centre

Giraffe Restaurants


4 – Bodean’s

Cuisine– American

Location– Soho; Covenrt Garden; Old Street;  Balham; Clapham; Tower Hill

Kansas City BBQ transported to London, Bodean’s is certainly one for the carnivores out there, but provides a real authentic American taste and dining experience. For hardcore meatlovers and for families who love sharing, this is ideal to bring kids for the platters and sandwiches. The Soho branch also has a fast food area upstairs from the dining room if you’re on the go and looking for a much better quality of treat on a day out.

For Bodean’s get to know your cuts of meat, from short rib, but pulled port shoulder, to burnt ends from the tender brisket. Pastrami on Rye brings you a bit of a New York taste also. A range of American craft beers are available as well as soft drinks. They provide large amounts of kitchen roll on the tables. Get your hands dirty and use it, its great fun!

For more info-

Bodean's Restaurants


3 – Bill’s 

Cuisine– British

Location– Covent Garden; Soho; London Bridge ; Angel…Everywhere!

One of the best and fastest expanding chains in the UK, Bill’s have maintained a commitment to their style that ensures you are getting a comfortable and cosy bistro environment whichever of their branches you choose to go to.

We’ll be perfectly honest here though, we’ve thrown this one in here as one definitely geared towards parent’s needs! The kid’s menu is actually quite good quality in terms of the food they serve, but can be a little bit limited if you have picky eaters. The adult’s menu has a great selection of indulgent starters and main courses. Start with Crab and Falafel sweet potato mini doughnuts and move onto the seabass fillets for a top quality fish evening at a very reasonable price!

For more info-

Bill's Restaurants


2 – Rainforest café

Cuisine– American

Location– Shaftsbury avenue

Combining a wide ranging children’s menu which has a serious eye on healthy eating, the Rainsforest café, is an ideal place to take the kids where you can get a pretty decent quality meal for yourself. Ranging from salads, pasta dishes and burgers and grill specialities, presentation is of a high standard ensuring that you can treat yourself while the kids enjoy one of the most exciting dining experiences in London for themselves.An excellent range of smoothies for both adults and kids, you can also treat yourself to a cocktail here and there is a full range of everything in between.

Rainforest Cafe Restaurants

Rainforest Cafe

For more info-

1 – Wahaca

Cuisine– Mexican

Location– Covent Garden, Westfield (east and west), south bank and many more

Mexican food is great for kids. The ability to “make your own” with the likes of fajitas and the hands on approach of tacos and chimichngas is engaging and fun, meaning kids get more involved in healthy and wholesome food. Revolutionary for anyone who’s gone through the worry of a child who doesn’t eat enough!

We’ve selected Wahaca primarily because the street food and small plate nature mean there isn’t a need for a kids menu, as smaller portions are available from the main menu. Try the sweet potato and feta taquidos, chicken baja tacos and Chicken & avocado tostadas as a starting point and add to your feast from there! Vegetarians are excellently catered for here and they go along way to deal with gluten free requirements where possible, both of which can be rare in Mexican cuisine.

For more info-

Wahaca Restaurants


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