Top 9 beach holidays with family!

With the glorious British sun making its appearance, what better way to spend these days than on a beach! Sun, sand, sea and lots of fun… We have lined up the top 9 beach destinations to go with your little ones this summer!

1)Blackpool Sands, Devon This award-winning beach is one of Devon’s most popular attractions. It is in an unspoilt, sheltered bay and surrounded by wooded cliffs. There’s a safe swimming area for children, as well as sandpits and kayaks for hire.

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Blackpool Sands, Devon Beach

Blackpool Sands, Devon

2) Silecroft, Cumbria With five miles of sand and shingle, there is plenty of room for exploring. There’s also watersports, fishing, canoeing and water-skiing available. It’s claimed that on a clear day Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and 14 counties of England can be seen from the summit of nearby Black Coombe.

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Silecroft Beach, Cumbria

Silecroft, Cumbria

3) Bamburgh, Northumberland This award-winning beach on the Northumberland Coast has a vast expanse of golden sand that is ideal for games and picnics. There is also the vision of Bamburgh’s imposing castle in the distance, which can be seen for miles around.

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Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

Bamburgh, Northumberland

4) Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire Barafundle has been ranked among the best beaches in the world. Scattered with sand dunes and a host of rock pools and hidden caves, Barafundle also has the UK’s highest award for water quality, so children can happily brave the chilly water for a paddle.

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Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire

Barafundle Beach, Pembrokeshire

5) Portstewart Strand, Northern Ireland The magnificent two-mile beach and extensive white dunes of Portstewart Strand are home to rare birds, insects, butterflies and exotic orchids. There are herb-rich grassland verges behind the beach and excellent family facilities, including a children’s play area, a nature trail and a designated watersports zone.

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Portstewart Strand Beach, Northern Ireland

Portstewart Strand, Northern Ireland

6) Bournemouth, Dorset  The resort has seven miles of busy sandy beaches and was the first to introduce this sensible scheme, which is now credited with reducing by around half the number of cases of lost children. The scheme works by colour-coding the beach into zones and offering free colour-matched wristbands to families, which will link children to a particular 200m stretch of sand. The wristbands make it much easier for lifeguards to find the parents of ‘escapee’ tots as well as older children who have lost their parents.

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Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

Bournemouth, Dorset

7) West Sands, St Andrews, Scotland This is a popular beach in the university town of St Andrews. It offers clean bathing water and an expanse of sandy beach. With a reliable sea breeze, it’s the perfect place for the little ones to try their hand at flying a kite for the first time. But be warned, you’re likely to tire of re-launching the kite long before the kids have had enough! The beach has a car park, toilets and shop close by.

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West Sands Beach, St Andrews, Scotland

West Sands, St Andrews, Scotland

8) Porthmeor and Porthminster, St Ives, Cornwall An idyllic seaside town with lovely small beaches. Porthmeor is ideal for kids ready to brave staying on their feet in the waves. There’s also St Ives, a bustling town with lots to keep everyone happy. The harbour area is ideal for a buggy promenade, with sights and sounds to mesmerise babies. Porthminster is very safe for bathing, and sheltered from most winds.

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Porthmeor and Porthminster, St Ives, Cornwall Beach

Porthmeor and Porthminster, St Ives, Cornwall

9) Charmouth Beach The Jurassic Coast stretches for 95 miles from East Devon through Dorset, and lives up to its name by offering a treasure trove of special rocks for inquisitive young fossil hunters. Charmouth beach is one of the best places for discovering fossils – all you need is good eyesight.

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Charmouth Beach

Charmouth Beach

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