To the UNPreferred Parent

I am the mum of an 2.5-yr old who for most of her life (as soon as she was able to express preferences) has shown a strong (not slight) preference for me. Like all modern day parents I asked google how to stop this. The general opinion on the web and from parents we spoke to was to wait it out. My husband and I instead stubbornly tried a zillion things to change my daughter’s behaviour and I’m going to go against popular opinion out there and say to the UNpreferred parent – You can do something about this. You don’t have to wait for your … Continue reading

How to select a Buggy (Stroller)

A friend was buggy shopping and sent me a desperate text. “There are so many out here, how do I select the right one for my son?” Within minutes I’d texted back a list of things he should consider. Doing so made me realise that this is just one more thing that first time parents struggle with while there is a wealth of knowledge out there sitting within the heads of parents who’ve already walked this road. So sharing my knowledge and hoping it will be a start to other parents sharing theirs.

A few General Notes:

Terminology: Continue reading

Natural Remedies for your Baby’s Cold

A mum from my daughter’s nursery asked me one day, why my ten-month old’s nose never runs. I was confused, of course my daughter catches the periodic cold; I just keep cleaning her nose when that happens. But over months I started observing the other kids at her nursery and realised what she meant. At the end of the nursery day, many of the kids had dried snot collected around their nose. Some of the kids had this happening more often than not and my daughter was definitely not one of them.

I have no scientific proof, but it is … Continue reading

Flight Safety for your Kid

We recently flew with my daughter who was exactly 25-months old and 10.5 kilos in weight. This was her first flight after she turned two and following regulations we purchased a separate seat for her. On the flight home she fell asleep on my lap head facing me. I put my seat belt around her just like the twenty times I’d done when we flew before she had turned two. I expected no trouble since an air hostess had once told me that this is the safest way to hold a young child during take off and landing. So I … Continue reading

The Five Secret Laws of Motherhood

(Or the five things I wish someone had told me before I had kids, even though I probably would have decided I knew better and ignored them completely.)

Secret Law #1. You will try to become a parenting encyclopedia. So put that book down now. I mean it.

I really truly hope you are the kind of person who has picked up one parenting book, read that and stopped. I, however, was not that smart. I approached motherhood the same way I approach everything – I looked for books about it and read as many of them as possible, … Continue reading

Lean Out to Lean In

In March, 2013 Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, wrote Lean In – a book about how women can have more successful careers. Since then almost every mum who has or had a professional career, has read the book or intends to read it. Those who have read it have had very clear opinions about the book. Many are inspired, others are critical, still others think Sheryl does not represent them because she is white and comes from an affluent family.

The lean in concepts Sheryl lays out are not new. Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office Continue reading