Introducing “EK Scoops”

Zahir Koradia

With three people working full time at EncycloKidia we have taken the first steps towards building an organization. This is a good time to start on my new pet project EK Scoops.

With EK Scoops I hope to bring to you stories about how we work, deal with challenges, and take our decisions. EK Scoops will let you, our customer, know us better and help other startups following the same path avoid the mistakes we made and learnt from.

Today, I start with a techie’s (my) experiences of entering the parent world. I call it world because it is … Continue reading

Why I became Employee #1 @ EncycloKidia

Zahir Koradia

Moving to a new country is always difficult. I took this leap of faith after my wife moved from India to study at London School of Economics in October 2014. We decided to explore settling down in London and this meant I needed to find work here.

But wait, before I go any further, a quick introduction: My name is Zahir Koradia, and I am the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EncycloKidia. Prior to this I was CTO at Gram Vaani, an exciting social enterprise in New Delhi. I am passionate about writing and managing beautiful … Continue reading


Visit the Parent Website to find local services for your baby, toddler, or older kids.

The philosophy behind Encyclokidia is to provide information that allows parents to make more informed decisions. The website when released will focuss on providing as much information as possible on the different services for children. The blog goes beyond services and talks about anything that applies to birthing and raising children that we think hasn’t been addressed in a manner that allows parents to understand and choose their options easily. Sometimes though we just talk about things we care about – children related of course.

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