Top 5 Kid Friendly Restaurants in London!

This summer shouldn’t be about doing things for your kids, we believe it’s important to do things with your kids! While many museums and galleries are excellent at providing services that can be enjoyed by both parents and children, sometimes restaurants are not so accommodating to the needs of parents and kids.

In this post, we are aiming to identify restaurants that serve good and exciting food for you, but also are happy to cater suitably for your children. We’re keen on kids learning about food and embracing different tastes so we’re specifically reviewing and recommending places that maintain some of … Continue reading

BBCFood and Your Children

The BBC have announced that they will be having a major shake-up of online services, which will include the archiving of some 11,000 recipes currently hosted at BBCFood. They will also integrate Newsbeat into main BBC World News and redeploying iWonders resources.

BBCFood closure and how it effects you

This has caused something of an outrage among the loyal users of the BBC. Fear not – its not as bad as it first seems. BBCFood is a different product to BBC Good Food, which is a global commercial operation and will remain live. Additionally, BBCFood archiving recipes is not … Continue reading

Natural Remedies for your Baby’s Cold

A mum from my daughter’s nursery asked me one day, why my ten-month old’s nose never runs. I was confused, of course my daughter catches the periodic cold; I just keep cleaning her nose when that happens. But over months I started observing the other kids at her nursery and realised what she meant. At the end of the nursery day, many of the kids had dried snot collected around their nose. Some of the kids had this happening more often than not and my daughter was definitely not one of them.

I have no scientific proof, but it is … Continue reading

A Parenting Guide for Non Parents – Food

I got inspired to write this post when for the millionth time a stranger gave my daughter chocolate. While I expressed gratitude for his generosity I felt frustrated at his thoughtlessness. While I was writing this post in the airplane, another stranger gave my daughter a crisp! “Why give someone else’s kid junk food!!!!” So I’ve finally decided to do something about this. But this post is not just about chocolate or about non-parents. It’s about providing useful tips on interactions with kids that are not yours.


A few years back, before we had a kid of our own, my … Continue reading