Alternative Parenting Techniques in the News

Recently many UK media outlets have been focussing on parenting techniques, particularly non-mainstream concepts. While we welcome wider discussion that allows parents to make the best decision for their children, one does wonder if some news outlets are more interested in causing controversy than fulfilling their remit to inform.

Free Range Parenting techniques?

Recently many news outlets have covered the story of Adele and Matt Allen and their two children, Ulysses and Ostara, who have been described by those news outlets as “off-grid” parents. According to the parents themselves, they’re practicing a form of free range parenting, … Continue reading

7 tips to try tonight to improve your child’s sleep

Coorie Doon Baby is passionate about helping mums and dads teach their children healthy sleep habits – I believe sleep is as important as nutrition, exercise and education and is a skill.
Teaching a child healthy sleep habits is a combination of lots of different things, so there is no one magic potion but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some helpful shortcuts, either!
With that in mind, Coorie Doon Baby would like to share with EncycloKidia members 7 sensible things you can start trying over the next few days to … Continue reading

6 things to do with kids this weekend!

Sick of your kids watching telly the entire weekend? Why not take them to one of the many fun events happening around London this weekend. Here’s our round of some interesting events !

1. Bob the Mechanic

Prepare for takeoff as Bob the mechanic dishes the dirt on the people who built, fixed, flew and crashed some of history’s most famous planes. Hear how Allcock and Brown raced to earn a high-flying £10,000, uncover how Robert Stanford Tuck had an electrifyingly close escape and meet Jason, the plane named after tinned fish.

How to choose Martial Arts for children

Martial arts are a great way to keep children fit and teaching them important aspects of discipline and safety. In the UK, martial arts are quickly growing in both choice and standards. Gone are the days when a few clubs would pop up  when a kung fu movie would be popular in the cinema, now Martial arts clubs represent a great was for adults and children to keep fit and develop important life skills. There is, however, some significantly important things to consider when choosing a club. Naturally the type of martial art is important in your decision for your … Continue reading

6 Theatre Shows for Children

London is well known for its array of musicals and theatre shows- there is something for everyone! Why not take your little ones for a play this half term. Here’s our round up of 6 plays you can watch with your kids!

6. Pitschi

Pitschi is a little Swiss kitten who lives high up in the Alps. Natasha Granger performs this adorable kids’ story about her journey to meet other animals, based on an award-winning picture book by Hans Fischer.

  • Venue: Pleasance Theatre, Carpenter’s Mews , North Rd , London, N7 9EF
  • Dates: 21 July 2016
  • Time: 2 pm
  • Tickets: £10, concession £8
  • Learn More

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Top 7 Museums to Visit with Children

With half term break round the corner, why not take the children to soak some of London’s Museum Culture. London has  a plethora of museums with interesting exhibitions for children. Here’s our round up of the top 7 kid friendly museums to visit!

7. Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum is a  museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. The museum hosts a variety of special exhibitions, concerts, festivals, shows, workshops and activities. The children would love the gigantic overstuffed walrus and the new aquarium. There’s a permanent gallery dedicated to African, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian art, and … Continue reading