5 Kids movies you shouldn’t miss this year!

British summers are, unfortunately, not always best spent outside! Thankfully, there’s an absolutely great few months of family fun movies ahead. Our favourite kid’s movies are one’s that also have enough grown up gags in them that makes it actually fun to watch with your little ones. Today, we review the top 5 movies we’re most looking forward to in 2016

1 – The Secret Life of Pets

We’re really keen on this one. The teasers have been out for a while and have perfectly whet our appetite. Initially shown as an anthropomorphic study of what pets get up to … Continue reading

8 things to do with kids this weekend!

Sick of your kids watching telly the entire weekend? Why not take them to one of the many fun events happening around London this weekend. Here’s our round of some interesting events !

1. Who Am I?

Who am I? invites you to explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, provocative artworks and hands-on exhibits. Discover what your voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, morph your face to see what you’ll look like as you age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal in our brand-new interactive exhibits. Investigate some of the characteristics … Continue reading

How to choose Martial Arts for children

Martial arts are a great way to keep children fit and teaching them important aspects of discipline and safety. In the UK, martial arts are quickly growing in both choice and standards. Gone are the days when a few clubs would pop up  when a kung fu movie would be popular in the cinema, now Martial arts clubs represent a great was for adults and children to keep fit and develop important life skills. There is, however, some significantly important things to consider when choosing a club. Naturally the type of martial art is important in your decision for your … Continue reading

Top 5 indoor play areas in London!

We love optimism at EncycloKidia, honest! That being said, occasionally living in the UK does provide us with a sense of resignation to the occasional summer’s day of torrential rain.. Everybody remembers those awful days as a kid when you’re off school and full of energy but can’t go out to play because of the rain. Thankfully there’s a little bit more to do these days, with exciting indoor play centres, full of educational resources and other fun stuff.  This is our round up of the best ones in London!

1 – Sobell Safari

Where– Sobell Leisure Centre, Hornsey Road, London … Continue reading